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State-of-the-Art Animal Care Facility Planned at JFK Airport

By early 2015, horses and other animals will enjoy a new $32 million state-of-the-art facility at New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) International Airport. Port Authority officials said the center will set new national airport standards for comprehensive veterinary, stalling/kenneling, and quarantine services, and create more efficient ways to transport animals worldwide. JFK officials project the number of animals served at 70,000 each year. [/idz_note]

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There Is an Alternative for Pet Microchip

If you are traveling to the UK with your pet and you need the pet passport with the pets’ identification – you don’t need to have your pet micro-chipped if it’s been tattooed with an identification number and all of the following are true: • your pet was tattooed before 3 July 2011 • the tattoo is clearly legible • your pet was vaccinated against rabies after it was tattooed. Your Vet must record the date of tattooing, the tattoo number and the date of the rabies vaccination in the pet passport or official third country veterinary certificate. [/idz_note]

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Australia is Making it Easier “4” You to Relocate With Pets!

The Australian Minister of Agriculture updated the pet importation regulation for 2014. The good news is that the quarantine period will become 10 days instead of a minimum 30 day period.[/idz_note]

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The Byford Quarantine Facility in Perth is Closed

The Byford quarantine facility in Perth has been permanently closed. This closure is due to the ongoing difficulty of managing the high risk posed by bushfires at Byford. In future, all dogs and cats will be imported into Australia through quarantine facilities in eastern Australia, currently in Sydney (Eastern Creek) and Melbourne (Spotswood). To find out more about the quarantine facilities or the new import conditions you can visit our website at: [/idz_note]

UK: Free Dog microchipping Plan for Hampshire Pet Show

FREE Micro-Chipping for Dogs Could Be On Offer at the Next Pet Show on the Gratton Recreation Ground in Sutton Scotney.

Every dog owner will have to microchip their dog by 2016 in a Government bid to reduce the number of strays.

Now Wonston Parish Council is to contact the Gratton Trust, which runs the recreation ground, to see if they are planning a dog show where free microchipping could be offered.

Government figures suggest 100,000 dogs are lost or abandoned every year.  


California: Pet Microchip Law One Step Closer in Santa Cruz County

Santa Cruz County animal shelter officials took the first step toward making identifying microchips the rule for all dogs and cats in unincorporated areas of the county.

The county Animal Shelter board voted 5-1 on Monday, to make microchips mandatory in pets 4 months and older, mainly to cut down on the number of animals who end up lost without a way to return home.

Board member Jeff Marsh voted against the ordinance because he didn’t like the term mandatory.  

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Emotional Support Animal – A New Service to Help People With Special Needs

The global pet relocation company Animal Airways Ltd. launched a new service in order to assist people that suffer physical and / or emotional disabilities by helping them travel with their pets as an “emotional support animal”. This service is available to every group or individual with the need for this kind of assistance and it is provided at a global level

Pet owners with special needs, such as blind, crippled, psychologically challenged etc. face diverse challenges when they make plans to travel with their pets due to the fact that most airlines do not permit pet in cabin if the pet’s weight is above 8 kilograms. Some airlines do not permit pets in cabin under any circumstances. Animal Airways’ pet flight team will work back-to-back with airlines, airport authorities and your doctors, social-workers, trustee and every other person or institute, in order to get you the official forms and the confirmation needed to travel with your support pet right beside you.

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